Gateway Authorization - Card entry form
Enter your card number without any spaces:
Enter expiration date of your card:
Enter your card CVV2/CVC2 value:
Last 3 digits printed on the card back below the magnetic strip. Leave empty if it does not exist.
Card type:
Order amount:
Order number:
Order description*:
Merchant name:
You agree that the specified order amount will be charged to the account related to   your card.
* You may find additional information about your order contacting the merchant at .
- In the next screen you will be invited to enter your 3D Secure password, if your card and your issuing bank are       enrolled in the 3D Secure system.
- If your issuing bank is already enrolled in the 3D Secure system, but your card is not, please contact your bank.
  - If your issuing bank is not enrolled in the 3D Secure system, you can only use cards with a valid CVV2/CVC2   (Visa or MasterCard).
3D-Secure payment services provided by RomCard.