Quick Setup

shop - The store directory

Modify the file config.php in the shop directory with a text editor such as WordPad or NotePad.

$host = "mysql.domain.com";   //mysql database host
$user = "u342167";   //mysql database username
$pass = "Ghy6Rgbv";   //mysql database password
$database = "comshop";   //mysql database
$receipt = "order@domain.com";   //e-mail account for receiving orders
$company_name = "MidiCart Software";   //Company name in order email subject and the title of your online shop
$txt_currency="USD";   //currency.
$upload_path = "/home/u342167/html/shop/images/";   // upload path
$add_tax = "0";   //tax in %. Enter 16.00 for 16%. If not used = 0
$add_freight = "0";   //firm freight charge in format 5.00. If not used = 0

Upload the shop directory to your website
The images directory needs to be chmoded to 0777. (write enabled for all users)
Point your browser to the new folder in your website. (http://www.domain.com/shop/)
Click on >>> Click here to install MidiCart PHP tables in MySQL <<< in the main frame to install MidiCart PHP tables in MySQL

How to find out the upload path

Point your browser to http://www.domain.com/shop/
Click on >>> Display show_settings.php <<< in the main frame
"The true path to the images folder" is your upload path

Remove the file setup.php and show_settings.php from your website when the store is working.

If you get an Notice error when you submit orders

Open the fil php.ini and change the error_reporting variable from error_reporting = E_ALL to error_reporting = E_COMPILE_ERROR|E_ERROR|E_CORE_ERROR

This evaluation version does not submit any items ordered, and the shopping cart have some limitations.

If you like our software, please purchase a full working copy for just USD 79.00.

Product homepage    http://www.midicart.com
Product orderpage    http://www.midicart.com/purchase.html